OBX Inshore Fishing Oct. ’17

by Aaron Kelly, Rock Solid Fishing

October is a great time along the Outer Banks. Throw on a sweatshirt in the cool morning air and start your search for trout and reds. Fresh mullet in the cooler, quarter ounce jigs with soft plastic in your “secret color”, and live baits in the well. Flounder fishing can be good this time of year. With each passing nor’easter we get a new batch of fish shoving down to the inlet. Speckled trout have pushed off the grass flats and line the sloughs and creek mouths. Taylor bluefish, which have been for some reason a bit scarce here this summer, should show up to bite all your live mullets in half right behind the hook! Speck rig jigs can keep them biting and the not cost you precious live baits or gulp tails. Big drum (redfish) and little drum will continue to highline the month! Guys on piers make chasing these critters almost cult like and at night they will line up, side by side, distance tossing chucks of bait into the night. Heads-up, sit back and watch what is going on before you elbow in there and toss out that bottom rig. There is certain way things rotate out there with certain weights, line test, and leader lengths. Hook into a 50 lb drum and you will be “hooked” as well. Albacore, king mackerel, and spanish mackerel are still around for trolling spoons in the ocean. We also run into the big drum and sharks fishing bait from the boats as well. Surfcasters could catch a plethora of species tossing fresh mullet or shrimp into the surf. Hook size, bait type, fishing location are important factors in getting fish on the hook. Our local tackle shops are extremely knowledgeable in helping you get rigged up. Also, spend some time on the Outer Banks enjoying some of the local seafood festivals we have this month. Tasting fresh local seafood straight from our watermen is second to none! Thanks for your support!