OBX Inshore Fishing Dec.’16

By Aaron Kelly, Dec. 2016:

Merry Christmas Everyone! Hopefully this yuletide will bring in lots of stripers! Morning and evenings have been producing some “keeper bass”. Fish over 18 inches can go in the cooler, two per person per day. Everyone has a favorite bait. Rattletraps ¾ ounce in blue and chrome are a good start. Mr. Hubert Basnight has a jig he ties in chartreuse, white, or yellow that many locals have to have! Great man to visit and listen to his stories about fishing and lures! Some folks troll them along bumping the bottom with an inline weight. Keeping the lure tight to the bottom during the daylight hours seems to be key. Casting on a light action pole also proves effective and fun! Casting up current and bouncing back along the bottom works well. Fish higher up in the water column at night. It seems the fish look up at the lure and the silhouette of the lure in the night sky. Surface lures will also work. Color does not seem to be as critical. Black, purple, pink, and chartreuse have all worked. I’ve seen guys catch ‘em with crankbaits, flies, and live eels. So, keep an open mind and try different tactics. You might be holding the “secret weapon” in your tackle bag already. Good luck and Happy Holidays!

Captain Aaron Kelly
Rock Solid Fishing