Fly of the Month: Clear Cure Goo Real Eyes


For many anglers, fly tying can be considered a hobby, maybe even to a passion to some. I know a handful of guys who are just as happy sitting at the tying bench as they would be out on the water with a rod in hand. I’m not as intense about my fly tying as they are. I certainly enjoy tying, but I see it more as a labor of love that fuels my fishing desire. I suppose everyone has a favorite style of fly they enjoy tying up. I’m a streamer junkie, particularly baitfish patterns. Here in my home waters of the southeast, two of my favorite fish to target are striped bass and big predatory brown trout. It just so happens that both of these fellas can be found in the same river systems, sometimes at the same place and time. There are a few key features I like to incorporate into my baitfish flies. I love to use large reflective eyes whenever possible on my baitfish. I have found that fish are more prone to eat the fly if I increase the size of the eyes I use. Clear Cure Goo Real Eyes have become one of my favorite brands to use. Another feature I look for in a baitfish fly is the movement it has in the water. I have found that reverse tying materials on the shank of the hook really brings a new dimension of lifelike movement to a fly when it moves through the water. Try some of these techniques out next time you’re whipping up some streamers, and expect results. Feel free to call us at the shop with questions or check out the Cohutta Fishing Company Facebook page for updates on events.


  • Hook: Gamakatsu SL11-3H 2/0
  • Weight: Lead wire wrapped on hook shank
  • Thread: Clear monofilament
  • Eyes: 15mm Clear Cure Chameleon Eyes
  • Tail: Barred grizzly saddle feathers
  • Body: Reverse tied white and chartreuse bucktail, grizzly saddle hackle, sparse amount of white DNA Holofusion
  • Back: Black Icelandic sheep hair
  • Head: Clear Cure Goo thick to coat the eyes

Garner Reid
Head Guide/Travel at Cohutta Fishing Company
(770) 606-1100

Garner Reid is head guide at Cohutta Fishing Company in Cartersville, Ga.