Best Lure System / Odin Lure Company Frigg Popper/Fish Smack

Odin Lure Company’s novel approach appeals to all of a fish’s senses. They’ve equipped productive lures with a BaitWell that holds a powerful scent attractant called Fish Smack.

Odin Lure Company Frigg Popper/Fish Smack

The Frigg 1.5-oz. Floating Top-Water Popper walks seductively across glassy water to bring home the bacon with the addition of Fish Smack. Inject Fish Smack into the integral BaitWell and ring the dinner bell for your targeted species. You will call in stripers, pike, mahi-mahi and more. Like your favorite BFF, work this in the mornings and evenings, when it’s dead quiet. Built like a brick outhouse with super strong VMC hooks and Wolverine triple wrap snap rings, this lure will handle big trophy fish muscle and speed.

  • 5.5” long X 1” thick body.
  • Cupped face churns a ton of water.
  • Incredible walking, popping action.
  • Has an integrated rechargeable BaitWell.
  • Houses a fish attracting rattle chamber.
  • Leaves an irresistible Fish Smack scent trail.

Odin lure and BioEdge

Odin Lure Company partnered with BioEdge Fishing Products to make Fish Smack attractant. It’s the perfect mixture, designed for the BaitWell on all Odin lures. The grease-like mix slowly releases scent as the lure is retrieved. Fish Smack attracts fish from afar and stimulates them to feed. It also masks undesirable scents like gas and sunscreen.

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