Offshore Report Feb 2020

Capt. Don McPherson

It is February and Spring is just around the corner. There are not very many fish caught nearshore that we can keep in February. Vermillion snapper are biting and are certainly a tasty fish that may be kept. Triggerfish season is expected to open March 1st. Last year the triggerfish were found 15 miles and beyond in March. Vermillion snapper are being caught 15 miles and beyond with most being caught around 20 miles offshore. Bull redfish are being caught but you will probably have to be patient and do some searching. Troll with planers and spoons until you find a school. Have your spinning tackle ready and rigged with a curly tail jig. Spanish mackerel and king mackerel will most likely appear in mid to late March.

Your best bet for catching and keeping fish in February are offshore in deeper water beginning in a depth of around 160 feet and deeper. Cut bait should get you vermillion snapper and white snapper (red porgy). Live bait is your best option for catching scamp grouper and red grouper. Almaco amberjack usually bite live bait fairly well in the late winter. Whether you are getting your boat ready to go or you are making plans to book a fishing charter, great fishing is just over the horizon.

Capt. Don McPherson
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