Welcome to the November Edition

Welcome to the Okeechobee edition of Coastal Angler Magazine. November in south central Florida is one of the best times of the year for local residents. Mother Nature will be providing a hint of fall with cool nights and moderate daytime temperatures. The humidity should be on a downward slide and those pesky late afternoon thunderstorms will be in the distance past. There will also be a steady stream of old friends arriving from the north with plenty of stories and experiences to share at the backyard grill or over a cup of coffee.

For fishermen, November marks the beginning of the bass spawning cycle in Lake Okeechobee. The bass will be coming off the open lake and taking up residence along the outside edges of the marshes to bulk up for the winter-spring spawn. During this pre-staging the bass are aggressive feeders and it’s a fun time to fish. In smaller lakes and streams, the bass might not make such a dramatic move to the shallows but the cooler water temperatures will make them more likely to move up into the shallows to forage for food. The end of Day Light Savings Time occurs on November 6th and our clocks fall back one hour so tournament fishermen be prepared for a change in first-light starting times.

November also brings the return of our waterfowlers to the area. November 19-27th marks the 2016-17 mini season for general ducks which then expands into the winter duck season lasting from December 10th through January 29th. Hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate this year by spreading some cold and blowing snow in the upper Great Plains and Northeast to drive the birds south this winter. Fall Turkey and deer seasons are already underway in some form or fashion so be sure to visit www.MyFWC.com for Hunting Zone guidelines and season dates.

With the return of the snowbirds comes the return of the art & craft season and the food festival season. If cotton candy and deep fried cheese cake is you thing, you’re bound to find it somewhere close. Check out the Community Events pages for just a sampling of events within a few hours drive.

Finally, by the time many of you read this edition, our long and contentious election season will be over. No matter who you voted for be thankful for the right to vote. If you were eligible to vote but decided not to, then shame on you. Over the generations much blood has been shed to protect our democracy and only by raising our voice through the power of a ballot can it be protected. Whether it’s electing a new president or voting to protect and save our natural resources and environment, your voice and your vote do make a difference.