On the Range: Accuracy Over Everything Else

By Chuck Papp  Contributing Writer

Not long ago I stopped in one of those large chain stores to get a few freshwater fishing lures. I always stroll through the hunting departments to see what they have. Upon walking past the hunting counter, I heard a couple of the employees and customers having a friendly debate on what is the best choice in ammunition for this upcoming hunting season. We are basically referring to deer, hog, and bear. After listening, I concluded that as far as technology of modern hunting ammo goes, we are not going to advance any more than we already have. You must wonder how the pioneers survived with only lead balls. Well the answer is simple. They knew how to shoot.

There are so many different types of bullets available to today’s sportsmen that it is confusing, and is there really much difference in them? There are plastic tip bullets, heat treated, fancy molecular bonded bullets, bullets that are coated, bullets that are all copper that open with fancy petals, bullets that basically fly themselves to the target (well maybe that’s a little much), the military has stuff like that though. So, does this all mean that you have a better chance in taking your deer? No, if you can’t hit your target then what good are those fancy projectiles.

Get to the range, practice, & make sure your firearm is in good working order and sighted into the distance that you are most comfortable with. Marksmanship always comes first!

Chuck Papp, Manager

Delray Shooting Center • (561) 265-0700

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