On the Range: Dec. 2019

By Chuck Papp  Contributing Writer

One of the biggest issues we have is people walking through our front door with an uncased firearm in their hand. Florida law states that any firearm must be in a case while being transported in a vehicle. The smartest purchases you can make as a gun owner is a case or even better a range bag for your firearms.  Soft ones are made mostly out of fabric or leather and hard cases will be a plastic or metal configuration.

I will be the first to admit that every day I walk or drive around with a general quick grab “man purse”. I have everything in it; concealed handguns, ammo, cellphone, charger, wallet, medical essentials, a knife or two, multi tools, and more. For anyone looking for a way to carry their concealed weapon without having it on them, this is a great alternative.

For you range rats, get a range bag! Don’t show up with your ammo in a bag and your gun in your hand. We love when people say, “ Oh, it’s unloaded”, then of course what pops out as soon as the action is opened, a loaded round. Range bags can cost anywhere from $29.99 to hundreds of dollars. The bigger and cooler the bag, the more you will spend, but that thirty dollar one will work just fine.

With Christmas on the way there is no better gift to get someone who shoots than a carry or range bag of some sort.

Chuck Papp, Manager

Delray Shooting Center • (561) 265-0700