On the Range Report: April 2019

Turkey Time.
The dark look of winter is about to get replaced by the coming of spring.

by Chuck Papp  Contributing Writer

Spring is in the air. With that comes the last season this 2018 to 2019 hunting season. That of course is spring turkey. Some hunters cherish this one the most.

The Turkey Hunter is a different breed from the others. Your skill set of calling needs to be on, if not mastered. That is the main weapon in your arsenal; to give you the advantage needed to be successful. The camouflage pattern you choose needs to be correct to your environment in which you hunt. Scouting and ‘Roosting’ the birds need to be done the evening before your morning hunt.

Equipment needs to be gathered and ready. When those woods come alive so does the friendly mosquito. Your Thermacell will become your best friend.

Being a successful Turkey Hunter shows your skill set as an outdoorsman. Not that deer or small game hunting doesn’t, but those two are sometimes sit and wait to see what comes by. Turkey hunting is more of you go to them aspect which elevates the challenge level.

The turkey season is our last until the start of the fall 2019/2020 kick off to another year. Late spring, all summer and some of the fall can be a long wait. I would encourage any outdoors person who hunts to try turkey hunting. It could very well become your favorite season of the year.

Chuck Papp, Manager 

Delray Shooting Center • (561) 265-0700 

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