On The Range Report: March 2019

By Chuck Papp, Contributing Writer

Another deer season has come and gone. Hopefully it was a productive season for you as it was for me. Now we look forward to the next. For many it’s not just about the season itself but preparing and getting ready for the next even though it maybe months away.

There is a lot of planning that goes into getting ready. One is taking care of your equipment before the next go around. If you are hunter, angler, or just an outdoor adventurer you know that good equipment isn’t cheap, and cheap equipment isn’t good. It is built to last, but you need to maintain it to get your maximum use.
Firearms need to be cleaned and stored properly to keep them in good working order.

The cleaning supplies are endless
The cleaning supplies are endless

There is a multimillion dollar industry built around firearm, and fishing equipment maintenance. Cleaning kits, cleaners, solvents, cases, the list goes on and on. Average cost for a decent hunting shotgun starts at $600 and goes up quick. Hunting rifles with optics starting at $1000 and up, and it goes up fast. So, spend some money and get everything you need so you will not have a problem in the field.

Not just firearms need attention. Knives need sharpening and cleaning; those scopes and binoculars need wiped down and their lenses cleaned. Fresh batteries in cameras and laser range finders along with flashlights should be replaced before the next season.

Clothing washed and properly stored away, along with a clean set of boots.
ATV users need oil changed, new lamps for lights, cooling systems checked, tires and the list goes on.

Many after season sales will be under way. You can save a lot of cash on an end of year clearance sale for that new hunting jacket. Deer stands, feeders, blinds, all of that will be on sale so take advantage. One of the best things to stock up on is your favorite hunting ammo. Sure, you will not need now, but try finding it a month before season starts.
Get prepared and squared away now, it will just make things a whole lot easier in the fall.

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