Open Water Kick Off in Maine

Maine Outdoors Adventures with Twin Maple Outdoors 
By Richard Yvon – Twin Maple Outdoors

April 1st is the official start of open water season here in Maine. Ice out is an annual favorite for inland fishers of Maine. Although the book says go ahead and fish open water, sometimes Mother Nature does not always cooperate! Guiding a vast territory in Maine allows flexibility as fishing guide with options in spring fishing opportunities. As old man winter loses his grip, ice and snow melt from warm rains; longer days and sun make rivers flow and fish run. After a long winter, it’s now time to fire up the jet boat and chase Maine’s premier cold-water fishes, the Landlocked Salmon and Lake Trout.

Photo: “Rip Dam on West Branch” by Richard Yvon

Early spring fishing can be a very opportunistic time for us fishers to be on the water. After a long winter, fish are hungry and eager to feed. If we can locate the food and understand the behavior we can then locate and hone in on the predators. They will not be far!! After some home work in your waters you fish, getting a good understanding is key to being successful. Traditionally how, when and where have been passed down from generation to generation. If you are not so lucky to have a mentor you will have to have patience, perseverance and time to find the right place and techniques your self. Sometimes the search is what makes fishing so enjoyable and rewarding!

Photo: “Master Maine Guide” by Richard Yvon
Photo: “Native Male Togue (Lake Trout)” by Richard Yvon

The Togue of Maine is the oldest living char living in deep, cold, glacial lakes in North America. They are Maine’s top cold-water predator fish species living for many, many years. They are found also living with other non-native fish species when they have been stocked over and compete directly for the same food source. These fish are commonly found in deep cold-water lakes but will also be in rivers when rainbow smelt are spawning in the spring. When Togue swim into cold spring run off flowages, they are primarily feeding on smelt. Fly-fishing for them this time of year can be very exciting and rewarding.

In addition to fishing the fly, spin fishing with hard baits is also very productive. Swim baits, spoons and spinners are all great choices that imitate the rainbow smelt.

Photo: “1st Debsconeag Lake ” by Richard Yvon

Growing up fishing in Maine for brook trout, blue back trout, land lock salmon, lake trout and perch brings back found memories with my family. Learning about Maine’s rich history of fishing has provided a deep appreciation of its wild land and waters. Maine is truly a very special place where native fish need to be revered and preserved. Maine’s land-lock Salmon were originally native in only four major water basins. In history man has propagated Salmon throughout the state and is now commonly found in most cold water Lakes. Salmon has been stocked over native fish waters that originally belonged to native brook and native lake trout. Efforts by a grass roots organization called “Native Fish Coalition” and others are presently focusing on protecting, preserving and restoring native fish and their habitats. Help in keeping our waters and land clean of invasive species, is everyone’s duty as a good steward of our planet.

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About Richard Yvon…Rich is a full time Registered Maine Guide and Luxury Sporting Lodge operator. He is a “Certified Yamaha G3 Guide” that runs fly and spin fishing trips with a G3 Jet boat and drift boat. Located in Bradford Maine, Rich guides World Class Maine hunting, fishing and recreation adventures. As well as guiding, Rich is also an outdoor writer, tree farmer, fly-fishing and certified NRA firearms instructor. Spending time in Maine’s North Woods has provided a canvas for Rich to share his passion of the outdoors with all walks of life. When Rich is not in the field, he sits as a director for The Maine Highlands of Maine Tourism. By contributing to the board of directors, he is in constant communication with visitors, guides, lodges and business owners in Maine promoting the outdoors and conservation.

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