Orange Beach Feb 2020

Captain Johnathan Willis

This month our main focus is going to to be Sheepshead, these are definitely one of our more finicky eating fish that we have to offer. They live around any kind of structure that has some barnacle growth on it, also these fish are very leader shy so with that being said my rig of choice is a Carolina rig with the lightest weight possible that you can keep it around the structure with, 20lb Yo Zuri Fluorocarbon and a small number two circle hook. Live shrimp as for most things will work but my favorite bait for them is going to be fiddler crabs because the bait fish don’t hit them as much. February and March are historically great months with wonderful weather in our area so if you get down this way shoot us a call and let’s find some fish together! With that being said we wish you tight lines from us at Gulf Bay Charters!

Captain Johnathan Willis
Gulf Bay Charters