Orange Beach January 2020

aptain Johnathan Willis

For most of winter our game will be chasing schools of speckled trout, this is one of my favorite types of fishing we have to offer simply because there are just so many fish tight together. All of the main tributaries that lead off of the main bays have muddy bottoms that stay warmer in than the sand bottoms in the lagoons. Therefore weather will depend on where in these tributaries the fish are for example, on a warmer blue sky day the schools will be in 2-3ft of water closer to the mouth of the tributary but on a freezing day all of the trout will follow the bait farther toward the very back in 3-5ft of water. My go to lures are a Matrix Shad soft plastic on a 3/8oz jig head and jerk baits depending on how aggressive the fish are acting. We wish you the best of luck from Gulf Bay Charters!

Captain Johnathan Willis
Gulf Bay Charters