From Osceolas to Gators and Hogs, by Wayne Nichols at Red Eye Safaris

Well with April winding out and our spring Osceola turkey season ending most people shift their attention towards our outstanding fishing in and offshore, especially with the “Silver King” showing up! But here at Red Eye Safari’s we’re shifting from Osceola’s to gators and hogs! Alligator mating season is in full swing now so keep a close eye on pets and children close to the water, bull gators travel all over this time if year searching for mates and can be much more aggressive than usual. For hunters gators and hogs fill an itchy trigger finger until our deer season kicks in later on. Alligators and hogs may be hunted year round on private lands in Florida with state licensed trappers such as myself, day or night. For hogs we generally do spot and stalk or stand hunting with feeders, with guns and bows, no license needed. For alligators you need an “alligator trapping agent license” and you’re all set to schedule a hunt. Hunting alligators is very exciting and there are plenty of ways to go after one. From spot n stalk with guns and archery to setting baits and fighting them in by hand it’s pure adrenaline! Prices vary by outfitters and landowners fees so check around before booking a hunt. Hogs are popular at BBQ’s and alligator meat can be prepared a variety of ways and is also excellent table fair, not to mention the hides can be tanned about any color for a variety of leather goods! Until next month stay safe out there and remember to take a kid outdoors!