Outdoors Report – Port Aransas to Baffin Bay

Well hurricane Harvey did a number on multiple cabins and Baffin Bay. Demolished all but two in Shamrock Island. North Padre especially Clems Bait and Marker 37 sustained a lot of damage but are up and running. Port Aransas was hardly recognizable. It was hard to drive through the town and look at all the people with a blank stare on their face. I went out for a couple of days to help people move the furniture out and got the sheet rock installation of their homes. To see the way that the coastal bend community came together to help out do anything for anyone.

Whether they need them or not everybody has to be helping hand. It was a amazing to watch all the love and support that was being given. It’s just a beginning of a long road ahead. North padre & Port Aransas businesses needs the support of our public to start making their way back fishing, boating and enjoying the shops and restaurants as much as possible. That way they can survive. I know it doesn’t look as beautiful as it normally does but your money going to businesses will help them rebuild faster.

As far as fishing guides, talking to multiple guides between September and October we have most average of 70% of our business. The fishing continues to be great in the hurricane weather you book with me your normal guide or any guide please get out your local businessman and fishing guides bait stands tackle shops. The fishing in the land cut it great. The south shore of Baffin Bay has had some decent boxes of trout and a couple trout in to 27” but lots of redfish at rocky slough. Emords hole has a good mix of reds, trout and drum. Dimmit point has trout and drum. Dead mans has redfish. Nueces Bay has redfish and trout on the reefs.

There is still some debris floating around Bays so take your time and be safe on the water. Down south Lures on a hell razor jighead has been the ticket for my clients. Depending on the water clarity in dirty water I have been throwing the Texas Roche in clean water watermelon red flake. The new Shimano Chronarch is an amazing reel stop by Roys bait and tackle and check them out. Have a great fall and help out each other on the water.

Capt. Javi Castillo