Big Trout Prospects Post Harvey

Photo Courtesy Capt. Trey Prye

Outdoorsman Report

By CAM Special Correspondent Tobin Strickland

Last year the tides did not drop and many aborted the typical Big Trout pattern. Seasoned big trout guides like Trey Prey and other did not; the pattern remained in effect in select areas and in the right conditions.

The biggest deterrent last year was two fold. One, the fall tides stayed high and the bays did not flush. Even still I caught big trout in January during the high tide and with all the fall bait still present. Some big trout will always be found in big trout habitat and knowing the right conditions to look for them in that habitat is key. Capt. Trey Prye said “Higher tides between cold fronts are the right parameters to focus your time looking in that pattern. If the tide is out during a winter low, those fish are not going to be able to find their way into those shallow locations. So if the tide is not up enough, stay out on deep structure looking for bites”. We’d all like to catch big trout shallow, but if it’s not there don’t force it.

Photo Courtesy Capt. Trey Prye

Secondly, since the bays did not flush due to temperature and low tide levels until January, there was a lot of shrimp hatch left and that deters some fish from being shallow but I don’t believe it deters the biggest fish that are looking to eat a trout or big mullet. Capt Trey Prye will be hitting those big trout habitats in East Matagorda this winter from now thru May 2018.

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