Outdoorsman Report – Big Trout Prospects Post Harvey

Photo Courtesy Capt. Trey Prye, Matagorda, Texas.

By: CAM Special Correspondent Tobin Strickland

There is a lot of misinformation on you-tube after Harvey. While Harvey sent a big slug of fresh to the bays, it was still a one time ‘double sized’ shot. No doubt a huge amount in Galveston but other bays along the coast received a solid layer of fresh water on the surface that will mix in over 3-4 weeks. The trout in Galveston have shifted positions and will find refuge in areas like the ship channel and deeper portions of East, West, and the pass.

With this big event happening early in the season all we need now is some hard NW wind and some early cold snaps to shift the big trout pattern into place. I talked to Matagorda’s Capt. Trey Prye and this is what Trey had to say “Last year the tides stayed high and the temperatures were moderate; causing us to only have about a week of the ‘winter trout’ fishing pattern. There is almost always some Big Trout in a system that are still keyed on big mullet and little trout”. There lies the key to finding the big trout pattern despite seasonal variability. Another factor that really worked for me was something that Capt. Walt Kalinowsky shared in our Big Trout DVD “You have to fish areas that have structure off shore nearby”. This is where those fish find refuge during tide drops and the closer that structure is to your mud gut, the more consistently it will hold Big Trout.

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