Cast and Blast is a “Blast”!

Photo Courtesy Baffin Bay Rod and Gun.

By: CAM Special Correspondent Tobin Strickland

If you’ve never done a ‘Cast and Blast’ trip, definitely put it on your bucket list for this coming fall season. It’s an all day theme park for the outdoor enthusiast. A seemingly never ending day of celebrating being able to both hunt AND fish in our great state.

First of all, red fishing on the flats of the Upper Laguna Madre is at its peak during September and the good trout start to feed again on the edges of the flats. With the water starting to cool and having a couple of crisp nights in September, both species will begin to feed on abundant fall forage and will begin to put on weight as their metabolism begins to shift with the cooling water temperatures. Nothing beats being in the outdoors this time of year and the flats are empty. Hunting either dove or ducks in the fall will start Sept 1 in the Central Zone and Sept 22 in the South Zone.

Things to thing about to make a trip like this successful; pick an outfit that has a close proximity to both the fields holding the most birds, and the best fishing grounds. That’s where south Texas can truly shine. At Baffin Bay Rod and Gun you are in the thick of some of the best hunting opportunities and because of the way Baffin Bay feeds inland, you will also be right on the water and in some of the best hands available for both hunting and fishing.

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