Outrigger Clips

How to pick the right outrigger clip for the targeted species? Back in the mid 70’s, when I started trolling for dolphin of Miami, there were a limited selection of outrigger clips for the offshore angler. I remember the giant clothes pin clips that seemed to be oversized for the job. Then in the early 80’s, I used the Trip-ese Clips for the first time and it was a mayor improvement over the clothes pin type of clips. Then a couple of years later, I used the Black’s Outrigger Release Clip. They were a game a changer! You could adjust these clips more accurately and are very light in weight, this helps in rough seas as heavy clips can’t catapult your bait out of the water. This is the reason why Black’s Clips are the number one selling clips world wide.

There are a variety of larger heavy duty clips like the Aftco Roller Troller that you can put higher pressure to troll larger bait or lures and can drop back thru the clip. The Rupp Nok-Out Outrigger Release Clip which do the same thing but are more stable on the outrigger line when trolling.

For general trolling for dolphin and sailfish, I recommend the Black’s Outrigger Release Clip and the Rupp Zip Clips Outrigger Release Clips because they are light weight and be adjusted more accurately. For marlin and tuna fishing, were we use heavy and larger baits, I recommend the Rupp Nok-Out Outrigger Release Clip and the Trip-ese Clips. Tight lines!

Elías Rodriguez

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