Palm Beach In & Offshore Forecast: Sept. 2019

By Capt. Weston Russell, Contributing Writer

The dolphin fishing will be in full swing offshore this month. Most of them will be in the 10 to 20 lb. range, but there will be a chance for some bigger ones. The trick is to head out to the deep and look for structure like weed lines or floating trash. When you see small jacks and other bait fish, then you know you’re on the right structure. When you find a few dolphin, remember to leave them in the water to bring the others close. Have a few Daiwa spinning setups with popper plugs to cast out to the shy fish. It’s always a good idea to have a wahoo setup too. You may just find a pallet or maybe a floating tree loaded with life.

When you’re out there in the deep it’s not a bad idea to make a few swordfish drops. There’s been boats catching them on the first drop down. The depths from 1200 and 1600 ft. have been productive.  Don’t forget a couple of gaffs to get the job done. We use BBW gaffs. They stick deep and hold on long.

For the reef anglers, the spots to the north of the condos will hold good snapper fishing. Chunk bait will get the best bites. The rig of choice will be a knocker or a dropper rig. If the fishing is slow, try different depths. Don’t give up too soon, they could turn on at any time. Tight lines!

Captain Weston Russell

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