Palm Beach In & Offshore: June 2019

This dolphin ate a trolled bonito strip and was landed on a Daiwa conventional setup.

By Capt. Weston Russell

Fishing will be awesome this month with many different opportunities to land quality fish. You will start to see more bonito on their migration. They are great for action but most anglers try to stay away from them due to their poor table fare. We at Reel Intense Fishing Charters see them as a gift. We understand that when the bonito are around there are monsters that are feeding on them. One option is to catch a bonehead and live rig him on a 50lb class reel and slow troll them behind the boat. If you ever wanted to land a wahoo over 50lb or maybe a blue marlin, this is your time. Step it up and troll 2 live bones rigged through the eyes with a strong hook. Don’t forget the wire leader. Tight lines!

DEEP SEA: The bite out 20 miles will be worth it. Making a day of trolling then deep dropping for swordfish will be realistic due to the calmer seas. Going deep can feel surreal. Not seeing another boat for hours can make for some Kon-Tiki type of boating. There have been some big swordfish taken down south in the last few months and there will be some nice ones out front of Palm Beach Inlet. If you’re not swordfishing because you don’t have the skills, well, get the skills. It’s not as hard as you think. You just need the right tools. Check out YouTube for bait rigging and tactics. Remember to bring a few gaffs that can handle the job. You don’t know if the monster will bite that day, so be prepared. We use gaffs from #Bradsbluewatergaffs.

INSHORE: People expect good snook, tarpon, jacks and permit around the inlets and beaches. Drifting live sardines and other scale baits will do the trick. Light leaders and small hooks will fool the big ones. I use a Daiwa SALTIST 8000 on a medium Saltist Jigging Rod. It’s deadly to fish! Well there you have it, don’t forget to keep an eye on the afternoon weather. It can get crazy at times. Good luck again!

Captain Weston Russell