Pan Seared Rockfish

Jim Baugh’s Recipe of the Month Jan.’17

Pan Seared Rockfish with Tomato Cilantro Relish



• Fresh rockfish

• 4 spring onions

• Chopped cilantro

• Dash of cayenne pepper

• Fresh garlic

• Salt and pepper (fresh cracked)

• 4 tomatoes- Chopped

• Juice of three limes and one lemon

First make the relish by chopping up all above ingredients place in a bowl and chill covered in the fridge.

Next, season your rockfish filets with garlic powder, pepper and salt then pan sear in a cast iron skillet with melted butter for about two minutes on each side.

Then, place the skillet in a pre-heated 350 degree oven for ten minutes. Take out and serve on a large platter and lastly pour the relish over top of the filets. All on top a bed of rice is also very good.

This is a very elegant and incredibly tasty dish that happens to be very easy to make. Try it and start your year off right!

Jim Baugh

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