Lake Talquin Fishing Report

Lake Talquin Fishing Report: August 2014

Lake Talquin has transitioned into the dog days of summer by now and bass fishing is best during low light hours. That’s not to say you can’t catch a few during the heat of the day, but it’s definitely better early and late in the day.
Lake Talquin Fishing Report

Lake Talquin Fishing Report: July 2014

Every now and then, a lake “turns on” and becomes a “catching” lake versus a “fishing” lake. Fortunate for all us Florida panhandle anglers, that lake is Lake Talquin. Located just west of Tallahassee on the Leon/Gadsden county line, this hidden gem has become one of the southeast’s best stops if you want not only numbers of quality bass, but the chance to catch that double digit beauty of a lifetime.
Lake Talquin Fishing Report

Lake Talquin Fishing Report: June 2014

What a record breaking month May was! In all my years of fishing Lake Talquin.

Lake Talquin Fishing Report: May 2014

Lake Talquin has become one of the best fishing lakes in the Southeast. Stringer after stringer of 20 pound bags frequently cross the weigh-in stage at our tournaments.

Lake Talquin Fishing Report: April 2014

For those of you heading out to area freshwater lakes in April, here are a couple of things to look for: If you want to fish Lake Talquin, located on the Gadsden County/Leon County border, you're going to want to fish shallow. Not so different than most years, but 2014 has seen its share of cold rain and lower than average temperatures, which slows down the spawning process.

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