Gambler Sweebo worm on a Giggy Head jig.

Deer Point Lake Fishing Forecast – Nov. 2017

For November, I predict cool breezes and chomping bass! The problem we may encounter is that sudden, drastic changes in …
A nice Deerpoint bass caught punching a Gambler Burner worm into a mat.

Deerpoint Lake Fishing Forecast – Oct. 2017

I have to admit, the few times I was able to fish Deerpoint in September, the bite was tough! Out …
C-note with a nice one caught on a Spin Tail 05.

Deerpoint Lake Fishing Forecast – Sept. 2017

Don’t expect too much relief from the heat this month and don’t expect too much change in bass feeding habits …
Gambler Lures Southern Swim Jig and Booyah Boo Jigs tipped with a Gambler Burner Craw, Big Bite Baits Fighting Frog and a swimbait.

Deerpoint Lake Fishing Forecast – Aug. 2017

The dog days are upon us and fishing will be tough at times. The good news is that bass metabolisms …

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