A Gambler Big EZ swim bait and a bladed jig tipped with a Gambler Little EZ

Deerpoint Lake Fishing Forecast – June 2017

Get out the swimbaits and bladed jigs and get to work!  It’s time to hunt actively feeding fish!  With water …
deerpoint toad

Deerpoint Lake Fishing Forecast – May 2017

It’s getting hot and well past the bass’s post-spawn cycle. Patterns, by now, can usually be fairly predictable. Now is …
This Buzztail Shad is rigged and ready for action!

Deerpoint Lake Fishing Forecast – April 2017

By now, the spawning cycle for bass is mostly finished, but some stragglers may still be on the nests. One …
Bobby Smith wins again on Deerpoint with 13.52 lbs. anchored by a 4.04 lb lunker.

Deerpoint Lake Fishing Forecast – March 2017

With the water levels returning to normal and temperatures on the rise, you can bet that bass will be heading …

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