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What is the Tampa Bay Ghost Trap Removal Rodeo?

The Ghost Trap Rodeo is a conservation project designed by Ocean Aid 360 and Coastal Conservation Association (CCA), and funded by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). It is inspired by the belief that shallow water anglers know local waters as well or better than anyone.

The Ghost Trap Rodeo is an opportunity to do something about derelict and abandoned crab traps that fish unattended for years at a time, and other forms of marine debris, too, that negatively impact our fishery. Further, this tournament is an opportunity to connect with fellow water-men and water-women, while competing for prizes donated by well-known sponsors.

Promoting community awareness in an effort to improve the environment.

The Ghost Trap Rodeo will promote community awareness of marine debris, while mobilizing volunteers from the recreational and commercial angling community toward the detection and retrieval of ghost traps, abandoned fishing gear, and other marine debris. Contestants will be required to provide the location and a species by catch inventory for collected traps.

The Ghost Trap Rodeo project is resourced with a federal grant and matching contributions from local business owners. By the end of the project, The Ghost Trap Rodeo will collect 15,000 pounds of marine debris—an important step toward improved habitat.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Ocean Aid 360 project team with any questions or good ideas related to Tampa Bay’s Ghost Trap Rodeo event series 2018-2019. Remaining tournament dates are: Jan. 19, Feb. 17, and March 23.

By Capt. Neill Holland

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