Pasco County Fishing Report By: Capt Bobby Carrol

With the weather showing signs of consistency over the past weeks, it’s really turned all species of fish back on! We still have some negative tides to come, but that’s not an issue. The gator trout are still schooled up in the deep pockets that have water in them during the lower tides. When the tide rises, they are moving around to the edges of oyster bars and are mixed in with the mullet. The bait of choice this time of year for these big trout is smaller pinfish under a bobber or a free lined shrimp. Use 20-pound line to help get a couple extra bites.

Redfish are beginning to school up in great numbers. This time of year is a great time to go chase after those tailing redfish everyone talks about. Find an open flat and stalk it with ease. Keep your eyes open for the redfish schools to tail in groups of three to six, depending on how thick you’re in them. Make sure you are very quiet as these fish will spook very easily. Tail hook a shrimp on a 2/0 circle hook and make sure you make long casts to prevent scaring them. It’s best to chase these fish at the lowest of the tide, so they are flushed out from the mangroves and easier to spot.

Snook have been showing up in great numbers recently which is always a plus! Tons of the lower 20’s sized snook have been caught in their normal spring spots already. Find a trough along a mangrove line with a little water movement and you should have no problem catching one. The bait of choice is, once again, shrimp. Use a select shrimp freelined and let the current take it down the mangrove line.