Pensacola Mahi

caught this 15 lbs Mahi mahi in Pensacola.

We were 28 miles out on a beautiful flat day out of Pensacola pass we ran across a floating log near the oriskany shelf/ Tenneco platform area, holding alot of smaller bait fish and two huge tripple tails we caught a tripple tail right away, on a dead cigar minnow on a king rig…
Tried catching the other tripple tail it would not eat anything so I jumped off the baot and shot it with my spear gun.. two tripple tail around 20lbs each on the boat at this time so didn’t want to leave the log we started to jig with fly line out the back of the boat still right on top of log at this point, out of nowhere the mahi sky’s the cigar and we’re on, and the rest is history, no other mahi to be found I sure the bull was huge