The early mornings have provided a great way to start off these typical hot days of summer. While heading out to what the morning weather and tides offer us for the day ahead, it is quite refreshing to feel the coolness of dawn, as we make way to our first spot of the day. I typically like to “pre-fish” with my clients and walk them through what to expect based on what we are currently targeting. And for the month of July and the upcoming weeks to follow, here’s what we can easily anticipate getting into what day presents its own unique opportunities. We can safely bet to get on some Spanish Mackerel right away. They make for delicious fresh ceviche’, which many folks enjoy eating during the summer time.  They tend to hold up in the bays and shorelines surrounding Perdido Key. These hard hitting fast swimmers can be found on the surface in large schools feeding on small bait fish. Most anglers will find them, by spotting the surface activity or a concentration of birds that are feeding on the same bait fish as they are being pushed to the surface by the feeding Mackerel. If light tackle is your thing, then this is the season for you! Try trolling a silver spoon, tied on a swivel with 30 pound mono as a leader. I also like to use live bait, that we can pitch around the feeding frenzy to pick up some bigger “Ax Handles”.

With warm water temperatures we have been seeing some incredible offshore fishing the last several weeks. And the wrecks just off the coast of Perdido Key have produced a solid wahoo bite for anglers making their way to get their quota on their highly anticipated Snapper and Grouper trips. In general, our calm seas most mornings, provide easy access for the smaller boats to enjoy the offshore experience. Don’t forget to keep a cobia set-up onboard too, because there have been many times that you will see them pop up around you looking for something to eat. Feed them whatever dead bait you can get your hands on quickly, while your buddy closest to the rod with a gig can make a shot on it!

Be sure to stop by Grays Tackle in Perdido Key to get maps of the local waters as well as coordinates to the local reefs. Don’t let the hot weather keep you inside! There is a ton of action and really one of the best times to take a young angler out for a day on the water. Just drink lots of water before during and after your time on the water, while finding a nice routine and consistency to stay on bite! The summer can get quite busy and before you know it, it’s back to school and football season before you know! I enjoy helping folks make the most of their time out on the water and if you’re looking to experience some fun fishing with your kids and or buddies without having to hassle with a bunch of boat details, gear and tackle, please give me a call and I will get you scheduled for a charter full of memories. Until next month this is Capt. Bill Willis wishing you “Tight lines & Screaming drags!

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