Pere Marquette River Fishing Report: March 2016

M arch can be a great month to chase migratory steelhead on the Pere Marquette River. This year has been a blessing with much warmer temperatures than the last couple of winters. The Pere Marquette River is in much better shape this winter. Warmer temperatures allowed the water to stay much warmer and with periods of snowmelt, it has held a good level and stain throughout the last two months.

I enjoy steelhead fishing this time of year because even though it’s still winter fishing, you have the opportunity to have some really good days on the water. This spring steelhead start to enter the river to spawn, so you not only have winter steelhead that have been in since late fall, but now you have some fresh spring steelhead starting to show. You will still find these fish in the deeper pools and runs but as the month goes on if water temperatures start to warm look for them in the pocket water.

For flies, nymphs will start to work very well this time of year. Try stoneflies, steelhead buggers and my favorite hex nymphs fished under a float. If you like to swing, try going smaller with leech and baitfish patterns. I find color can be important this time of year in winters low light try purple’s or blue’s for jolting strikes. You can find some great fly patterns and a weekly report on my web site at Hope everyone is enjoying winter! Pretty soon we will be chasing trout with dry flies.


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