Playas del Coco Diving Forecast and Report Sept/Oct 2015

Playas del Coco Diving Forecast

The rainy season hasn’t been so rainy thus far and with that the temperature is still quite warm here in the Guanacaste region. So the best thing to do is cool off and spend the day diving! The Bat Islands are still very popular as we have been seeing loads of bull sharks.  Of course our local dives are well worth a visit to encounter the white tip reef sharks, multiple rays and the mating turtles, yes it is turtle season!

Diving the Pacific is an adventure on its own. There aren’t any coral reefs, but here we have volcanic rock which offers homes to many different marine species including, nudibranchs, clown shrimp and Moray eels. You can encounter at least 6 different types of eels on a single dive.

Visibility this time of the year is pretty good and the temperatures are warm. So what are you waiting for? Suit up and let’s go take a dive.

Brenda van Gestel
Rich Coast Diving Co.
PADI 5* CDC facility
Photo courtesy of Barbara Pomaro