Playas del Coco Fishing Report and Forecast December and January 2016

Playas del Coco Fishing Report and Forecast December 2015 and January 2016

Playas del Coco Fishing
It is a good time of year to catch some bull mahi like this one.

Although El Nino has wreaked havoc on ‘all things normal’ in our area, the mahi mahi bite has been good and there has been a large number of wahoo being caught. The mahi are getting huge! Hopefully we see more rain in December to get the organic debris out there floating around providing a hangout for the baitfish and their predators. Heading into December and January we are looking forward to increased marlin activity and even more roosterfish. By December we should see the return of the large sailfish population we are accustomed to as they generally thin out from September through mid-November. The tuna bite has been ‘off’ and usually slows by December but with the unusual conditions we’re experiencing this year we may just get a season yet! The grouper and snapper are here year round in large numbers and we’ve been putting meat on the deck consistently.

Facing the challenges of a disrupted food chain due to the unusually high water temperature has been challenging but fun. Jamie and I have added another boat to the Dream On Sport Fishing line up and getting ‘Albatross’ ready for business has given us opportunity to throw out some different lures and experiment! We’ve had lots of luck with GT Ice Cream Squid 360 Lures, hitting multiple species consistently. Pink & white as well as pink & green color combinations have been working well for us.


Tight lines,

Rick Graham/Jamie Braun

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