Popticals Are Performance Glasses Without The Hassle

For any outdoor adventure—whether it’s hiking, fishing or camping—you need high-performance sunglasses. No matter if it’s a day hike or a multi-day camping trip, sports sunglasses keep your eyes safe when you’re outside and enhance your vision to make your experience even better.

The problem is, there’s nowhere to keep your sunglasses when it’s time to take them off. Cases are too big and take up valuable pack space. They’re big and bulky in your pocket, if they even fit there. Most resort to hanging expensive glasses on a strap around their necks or perching them on their heads. That’s no way to treat a valuable piece of equipment. Without protection, your sunglasses end up scratched, lost or broken, and you didn’t just hike into the backcountry to view breathtaking vistas through scratched lenses.

Popticals are the solution to this dilemma. They are good-looking, high-performance, polarized sports sunglasses that fold down to a small profile and fit in a portable, durable case. Popticals feature the patented FL2 Micro-Rail System, which is a breakthrough design that allows for folding sunglasses that are sturdy and hold up to rugged use.

The case is less than half the size of cases for most comparable high-performance sunglasses. Slip it into your pocket, where it is unobtrusive. Throw it in your backpack without having to worry about damage to your frames or lenses. Or clip it with the attached carabiner to the outside of your gear, where your shades will be safe but easily accessible.

In addition to taking up less space when stored, Popticals are also lightweight. With NYDEF nylon lenses manufactured for Popticals by Carl Zeiss Vision, they weigh significantly less than glasses with glass lenses without sacrificing on clarity or performance. Popticals feature high-quality polarized lenses but weigh less, which makes them more comfortable on your face for all-day wear. For backpackers, it also cuts down on the load your shoulders will be hauling.

“Pack Small. Live Big” is a motto Popticals has adopted. The idea is that your gear should enhance your experience, not weigh down or inconvenience you. With Popticals, you’ll have clearer, better vision for your adventure. And when you don’t have them on, you won’t have to worry about them being lost, scratched or broken.

For more on Popticals and to see all of their sunglasses, go to www.popticals.com.


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