Outdoors Report – Port Aransas to Baffin Bay

Well it’s a scorching summer. I have fished the Intercoastal Waterway more this summer than I have in the last 7 years. The water temperature on a falling tide just gets too hot and the fish shut down. The schools redfish and drum really like to swim directly off decide of the grass to the drop off. The truck generally sick at least 20 ft off the bank. The morning bite is still really good in the flats until about 10 a.m. My routine has been topwater till 8 a.m. then soft Plastics till 10 a.m. in the flats. Then I move 2-channel a drop off a whole or the intercoastal and continue to work soft Plastics.

My go-to lure has been Texas roach color by down south lures. People have a hard time believing that we catch limits of drum on soft Plastics. The trick is to work them very very very slow. Hopping them one inch at a time. Drum do not like fast-moving bait. If you were throwing a baitcaster fishing reel imagine sticking your thumb on the spool itself and retrieving it simply by drawing back your thumb on the spool. Buggs 1/8oz flies also work really well especially if you use Procure shrimp scent gel. For redfish the bone diamond and watermelon red flake working in the middle of the water column with a slight twitch every 3 seconds has been very successful for my redfish and trout.

For flounder I like the original red and white and key lime pie boats made by down south lures as well on a 8-ouncehellrazor jig head. There’s two ways of working for flounder one razor Rod tip a foot at a time letting the lower balance to the bottom or just dragging it straight on the floor. The man who invited Hellrazor rattling jig heads this wonderful product name is Allen Harrington and is one of the finest man I’ve ever met my life. It saddens me to see him have to say goodbye to his beautiful wife. Who he absolutely adored and if he wasn’t talking about his jig heads he was talking about his wife. He is a great man with a big heart and treats everybody with the same amount of respect to the highest level.

Everyone in the fishing community loves you and what you stand for and how great your product. I’ll see you soon brother. Anybody who sees him out and about please show him some love as he deserves it. The fishing report pretty much the same from Port Aransas to Baffin Bay come to find water deeper than 5 ft other than that keep up your normal routine have a great time on the water be safe and help out your fellow Anglers.

Capt. Javi Castillo