scubadollyScubadolly is the latest product from Southeast Coating and Fabrication in Pompano Beach. Dive enthusiast and company owner Paul Riccio thought “there has to be a better way to make lugging scuba tanks to and from the boat or in and out of the dive shop easier.” Carrying multiple tanks is cumbersome and heavy. After a thorough internet search and visits to local dive shops produced nothing, he decided to just make his own. What started out as a basic dolly for himself, has become the product you see here. A few local divers saw the Scubadolly and asked if they could buy one, as did a few local dive shops. Southeast Coating and Fabrication is now in full swing, building an array of mobile Scubadollys as well as boat mounted racks for 1 to 10 tanks.

The Scubadolly is constructed of lightweight aluminum, weighs less than ten pounds and is powder coated in a variety of customer chosen colors. Durable non marking urethane wheels with sealed bearings make the Scubadolly roll with ease over a variety of terrain. Closed cell marine foam is used for padding and adjustable bungees secure the tanks firmly to the unit. It accommodates all sizes of popular tanks, including doubles with a manifold. It can be used standing up or laying down. It’s a great way to transport your tanks while keeping them from rolling around in your vehicle and is a great way to store your tanks at home. MSRP $299
Southeast Coasting and Fabrication