Proper Stream Etiquette with Other Anglers

By Ethan Hollifield

It’s no secret that one of the results of the COVID-19 pandemic is the massive influx of new anglers that have gotten into fishing. With this in mind, I thought I would share some of my thoughts on proper stream etiquette when fishing around other anglers in a river that many newcomers might be unfamiliar with. Nothing is worse than fishing on your favorite stream and having someone jump right in front of you without even acknowledging your presence.

• Try to give other anglers at least 50 to 100 yards, or more, worth of space. This gives other people a chance to fish without being behind someone else the entire time.

• Always assume other people are fishing upstream, especially for trout.

• Be polite and ask other anglers, if you’re in doubt! Most fisherman are more than happy to share the water with you, but nothing ruins a good day on the water like having someone jump right in front of you when you’re about to hit your favorite run. Communication goes a very long way in preventing unnecessary conflicts on the water.

Following these basic ethical guidelines ensures that everyone gets an opportunity to enjoy the sport that we all love. We’re all out there for the same reasons – to enjoy being on the water, and basic communication with other anglers helps to make everyone’s experience that much better.

Ethan Hollifield is a member of a conservation organization called 2% For Conservation and a guide for Southern Appalachian Anglers