From the Publisher – August 2020

Whenever I meet one of our readers at a boat show or the tackle shop, one of the most prevalent comments I hear is, “you sure must fish a lot”. The truth is that I don’t get to fish near as much as I did before I became the publisher of Coastal Angler Fort Lauderdale. There’s a lot more that goes into publishing a fishing magazine than getting on a boat, catching some fish and taking a few photos.

First and foremost, much of my time is spent talking with current and potential advertisers. Without advertising dollars, producing a free monthly magazine would be impossible. Next comes the writing and editing part. Sometimes, writing an article is like a walk in the park. Other times, it can be very difficult to come up with the right words to present the facts or tell a story. Editing articles that have been submitted by our monthly contributors can be challenging as well. Generally, it’s a matter of a comma here or a period there, but there are times when the entire article needs to be rewritten. Then there is the layout and design process. Fortunately, my graphic designer Laura Kelly is fantastic at what she does and is a huge help each and every month. The magazine then gets sent off to the printer, but there’s more. The final step in the process is distribution. Getting 10,000 magazines out on the street is no easy task. Coastal Angler Fort Lauderdale is delivered to nearly 200 locations across Broward County and is also available to read online for free.

Keep reelin,

img_3925GENE DYER
Editor & Publisher
Coastal Angler Fort Lauderdale
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