From the Publisher – August 2021

August is here and it’s brought the heat with it once again. This month it is more important than ever to get an early start to beat the heat and thunderstorms. If you plan to run offshore and chase dolphin, you need to be well offshore as the sun rises. Though it will be difficult to spot any floating debris or weedlines in the low light, it is relatively easy to spot flocks of birds on the horizon. Rig your baits the night before so that you are ready to put out your spread when you find some good water to fish. This time of year, I find that smaller rigged ballyhoo or squid make the best baits. However, I do like to have a naked, chin weighted horse ballyhoo in one of the corners on a flat line clip. If there is a slammer around, that’s the bait that will get nailed first.

If you can’t get out early, go late and load up on your limit of snapper. Find a spot in 50 to 80 feet of water and drop the hook. Once you determine that you have adequate current, deploy your chum bag and be sure to chum heavily to get the fish balled up behind the boat. Use 12 to 20 pound spinning outfits with a small circle hook or light yellowtail jig tied to the business end. Best baits are live shrimp, chunked bonito or ballyhoo and silversides. Before you head in, grab a bucket full of saltwater and add a bag of ice to it. Throw your fresh fillets in the bucket to best preserve your catch for eating.

Keep reelin,

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