Quepos Fishing Forecast July/August 2015











Out of Quepos fishing has been spectacular. We are still seeing multiple sailfish out there every day.  Sometimes just a few, sometimes up to 10 bites a day.  Marlin will be showing up on a regular basis by late July, with some big blacks, blues and an occasional striped.  This is also one of the best times of the year for big dorado and wahoo.  Fishing offshore in the vicinity of the reef during these months also gives us the chance to take a break from trolling for a while and deep drop for some snapper and grouper. Multiple species of both are common and provide great table fare. This time of year while inshore fishing we see lots of big rooster fish out there and we should also start having shots at the big cubera snappers. If you haven’t had one of these brutes at the end of your line then you are missing a huge epic battle. The night bait we use should be plentiful, and we should be able to start each morning with a bait tank full of lookdowns.  Hopefully there will be some scattered sardines running up the coast, and when that occasionally happens, they will bring with them sea bass, several species of snapper. That will also give us some different bait options for roosterfish.  Roosterfish from July to October will be very large, cooperative and plentiful.

Tight Lines!

Capt. John



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