Quepos Fishing Forecast for September & October

Quepos Fishing Forecast for September & October

September and October are great months out here for fishing. The big stories last year all resolved around floating debris. During May to October, we get huge strong rains at night.  Days are great and sunny, but the night rains here are very intense. With those intense night rains, comes flash flooding of the rivers in the mountains and that washes out whole trees sometimes. As those trees float around offshore, fish lay eggs on them, and in a few months, they will be loaded with bait. As they float north from South America, they pick up more bait, and more pelagic species begin circling them. The debris usually is moving quickly and to the north, so every day out there is different, but the days when we come across something big end up being the biggest days of the year. September and October are great months for finding debris offshore floating around, and the only month that would be better would be November.


Inshore fishing was pretty good during those months last year as well.  Night bait is usually good, usually there are lockdowns and blue runners being sold at the dock.  Lockdowns are a silver flat bait, that is great for big rooster fish. Rooster fish caught during this time of the year are usually bigger than the yearly average size. Other fish available are snapper, seabass, jacks and mackerel. If somebody wanted to bring home fish to eat, there are some reefs about 10 to 12 miles out that we can hit and load up on the snapper, grouper and seabass.

John Schuchert
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