Ralph’s Crew Reports

As we swing into the later winter months, February can see a slowdown of the numbers of  fish. But, the quality and size of the  fish tends to increase. Larger snappers, smoker king fish and cobias start to show up. The drastic change in weather from day to day confuses the  fish’s eating patterns. Because of the very mild winter temperatures here in southern Florida, we have above average  fishing so far for February and hopefully March continues in the same pattern.

Capt. Jason Cardinale
Samana Expert Fishing Charters

Ice fishing here in Massachusetts continues to be excellent. All the cold weather ice conditions are eight inches to up to 14 inches. I had a report of a monster 23 pound Pike caught out of Lake Quinsigamond. Also, many five plus pound largemouth bass are winning local derbies. If you ice fish, now is the time to grab bait and hit your local ponds and lakes. I have been out with my ice fishing friends many times this year due to the great ice conditions. Every trip out continues to produce great quality fish both largemouth bass and smallmouth bass. Pickerel are always hungry this time of year, so get out on the hard water. Remember to always check your local ice conditions before hitting the hard water. Safety first! And flags up!

Tim Keer 

My buddies down in New York are tied up for the winter as the weather takes a toll on us all!