Ralph’s Crew Reports

For daytime sword  fishing here in South Florida, the winter months can be the most productive of the entire year. But, calm winds
and sea conditions are an absolute must to be able to do so.

We had mild wind and warm temperatures this past February, so many anglers could pick and choose their days of choice to head off into the deep waters for daytime sword fishing.

There were plenty of  fish in the 60 to 120 pound range that were landed from Jupiter inlet down south to Ft. Lauderdale. There were
also larger fish in the 200 to 300 pound range that were landed as well.

All in all, calm winds and seas are a necessity when it comes to daytime fishing. Especially in order to go to the extreme depths we  fish, near the bottom, which is 1500 to 1800 feet of water!

Captain Jason Cardinale
Samana Expert Fishing Charters