On The Range Report: October 2018

by Chuck Papp, Contributing Writer

There is nothing wrong with a Glock, or its clones by other companies, but it’s not always the best out there. Their marketing is excellent and there is no doubt that its popularity with law enforcement is a major factor. However just because the police use it doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you.

There are other options out there.
3 top of the line pistols today that aren’t your “Glock style “
Top Sig P229 9mm
Middle Sphinx 9mm
Bottom Beretta 92 9mm

To some, a major drawback is lack of an external safety. Some Glock clones have an external safety, but not all models. Smith and Wesson does have that feature in their M&P line. A manual safety does not make the pistol safer, however the user may be more comfortable with that option. Every rifle or shotgun I know has a manual safety. So why do they have it and a lot of pistols don’t?  There are instructors that say a safety slows you down. Maybe, maybe not. That all depends upon your level of training with that firearm.
Another major drawback is the polymer frame. They are very resistant to wear and maintenance however they will flex when fired. Making the shooter have a much firmer grip on the pistol than a metal or aluminum frame pistol, which is much more forgiving. The balance of the pistol seems off to some due to the lightweight frame being polymer and the slide and barrel being metal.

The main difference however is the overall shootabilty of the pistol. All metal or aluminum frame pistols handle the recoil better and with less recoil felt as well. The pistol absorbs some of its own recoil due to the heavier weight.

Now by no means are we saying not to buy and use a Glock, striker fired pistol; they are extremely popular. However, there are a lot more options out there for you to look at and use.

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