RCI Optics H780 Lens Technology

The new RCI Optics H780 lens, included in the Monster Hole 2.0 model, is the latest a ground-breaking technology designed for the elite waterman. It’s the world’s clearest, most technologically advanced polarized lens with more features than ever before. The new H780 “INFRARED REDUCING” lens system is based on our famed HELIUS 2.2 RCT High Impact Polarized Lens. It incorporates a revolutionary IR filter that can absorb infrared between 780 and 2.000 nm, thus reducing the total heat load reaching the eye and preventing nuisance and damage, such as visual loss, haze, flare and dry-eye syndrome while improving glare reduction, relieving eye fatigue and enhancing color.

Other features incorporated into our 100-percent made in Italy H780 “Leviathan Series” include a permanent watershed coating on both sides of the lens; an Ansi-Z87.1 and MIL- STD 662 V 50 ballistics rating; oleophobic treatment on both sides of the lens; and anti-reflective coating on the lens’ interior with injected polarization. The HELIUS 2.2 RCT lens material is six times denser than standard polycarbonate lenses and encapsulated in a hard-shell scratch-resistant coating for extra durability. The lens system is wrapped in our virtually indestructible Ballista 2.0 frame material and, BOOM, you not only have a great looking sunglass, but you have a sunglass that outperforms all others. RCI Optics is an American-owned Florida company.


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