Recipe of the Month – MonstaBullred

Let’s keep this one with the June special shall we. So you just got home from your Shark & Bullred Hunt and you want to cook up some of that MONSTAFISH catch, sounds good right?! Well let’s make sure we do it right then!


•     MonstaBullred Fillets on the half-shell
•     Butter
•     Lemon
•     Garlic
•     Grill
•     Stove-top (siring)

Cooking Directions

Lets get to work! First use warm water to wash the fillets; this will take out some of the extra fishy taste and make it easier for the meat to cook. When you’re finished, clove and dice some fresh garlic-if you’re feeling extra fancy you can even mince the garlic depending how much flavor you want. At this point get the grill going nice and hot and get the skillet warming up too. Place the fillets on the grill, scales down and drizzle with butter and garlic. After about 4 to 5 minutes place the fillets, scales up, on top of butter and garlic, in the skillet.This is mostly done for looks, however doing this also locks in the buttery garlic flavor in as well. This part will be a lot faster as well taking only 2 minutes normally but can be longer depending the size cut of the fillets. After this, plate the fish and get ready to eat! My personal favorite is eating this with a good spinach salad and garlic bread on the side!

That’s all for this month! Until next month, Keep those rods bent and bait wet!!
Stay safe!

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