Record Fly Caught Striper. What Does It Weigh?


Guess the weight on this very nice fly-caught striper included in IGFA’s most recent dump of newly approved world records. At 107 centimeters, or a little longer than 42 inches for us ’Mericans, it set a new IGFA all-tackle fly world record for landlocked striped bass. Translated, that means it’s the longest fly-caught landlocked striper IGFA has on record.

Jackson Barnes caught his big striper on the Caney Fork River near Silver Point, Tennessee back in September. It ate a streamer.

For the northerners reading this, landlocked striped bass are stripers that don’t have access to the ocean. In the South, state agencies stock reservoirs with striped bass, and although there is some limited reproduction in some systems, most of these fisheries are hatchery supported. However, these landlocked stripers get big, and they behave a lot like they would in their native oceanic environment. They make spawning runs out of reservoirs and up rivers in spring.

Click HERE to see the rest of the records approved in December.

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