River Reflections… Get Ready – Nature Is Calling!

By Matt Mittan

Amidst winter’s icy grip, nature provides a sanctuary. Finding solace in memories of time spent outdoors, I am transported to sun-drenched days on the water. The air of my imagination carries echoes of music, chatter and laughter around campfires and the scent of fresh fish cooked over an open flame. These become a comforting fragrance in my mind and a promise of what will soon return.

Fishing gear, a collection of tools seasoned by time, serves as a bridge between past adventures and the promise of spring. Rods bear the marks of countless struggles, each warped loop or stretch mark telling a story of resilience and triumph. Reels patiently await their next fight with a mighty fish, their smooth whir sailing with the anticipation of what excitement lies beneath the surface of a perfect cast. The tackle box, a curated assortment of lures and baits, holds the potential for uncovering the mysteries to come and the memories of successes and misses gone by.

As winter presses on, excitement builds for the upcoming spring fishing season. It’s not just about escaping the cold; it’s about embracing the rejuvenating power of nature and the way life moves in cycles. Planning for the next adventure involves selecting the perfect spot, understanding the ebbs and flows of the water and the life that hides within it and immersing oneself in the subtle movements of the environment around you, so that you can connect with it and the other living things that populate it. The chess game with nature unfolds, and each move is a step closer to the ultimate connection with the outdoors and thus, a connection with our better selves.

Nature, in all its glory, becomes the central focus of finding or reconnecting with our true purpose. It’s a celebration of life, a testament to the simple joys and instilled strength found in its inevitability. In the natural world, the essence lies not in self-centered narratives but in the profound connection we can access as a beautiful pebble in the unstoppable existence of nature – a connection that transcends seasons, warms the soul and breathes life into the stories of each time we leave our busy lives behind for time spent outdoors.

So, get your mind, spirit and gear ready. This could be your best year yet!

Matt Mittan is a long time writer and broadcaster, based out of Asheville, NC. Visit MattMittan.com for more information.