Rivers to Bay Report By: Capt. John Rivers

The inshore bite has been very good for many species in Tampa Bay. Let’s start with Spanish mackerel. They can be found all over Tampa Bay around the markers and near the flats where there is a lot of bait around.

Next on the menu is Mangrove Snapper. The bite has really picked up the past two weeks and is only going to get better. Chum heavily, use a light leader and you’ll have good results.

Red fishing has been off and on, at least for me, over the past few weeks. I know a few areas that are holding them, but getting them to eat is another story. You must catch the tide right and have the right bait, which is either a fresh cut pinfish or fresh dead threadfin.

Snook fishing has been great, even though it’s June and it’s hot out. The fish that have been out on the beach are starting to make their way back into the Bay. If you’re out on the beach, no worries, there are still plenty of big snook to be caught. Just remember, they are out of season so take extra care to make sure they swim off alive. One key thing is to find clean water, hit it on the right tide and you’ll have a productive day. On my last trip, we crushed the snook, with over 20 fish and a few over 27 inches. On light tackle, these fish are tons of fun and great for families or the serious angler.

Trout fishing is also very good both in the Bay and off the beaches. The key is to hit them early in the morning or close to sunset and you’ll do well.

Over the next month, the fishing will pretty much stay the same. You just need to find clean water for snook, fish shaded spots for reds in the middle of the day, and mackerel are pretty much on every marker and near the flats.

Yes, June can be hot, but don’t let that prevent you from booking a Tampa Bay fishing trip with Rivers to Bay Fishing Charters. We are still bending the rods, and I’ll have plenty of water on board to keep you in the fight.

Capt. John Rivers operates Rivers to Bay Fishing Charters out of Tampa Bay and Tarpon Springs. With 18 years guiding experience and over 40 years of fishing knowledge, he can assure you a professional / fun fishing adventure. Single or multi boat trips available. www.tampabayinshoreguides.com