Rivers to Bay Report BY: Capt. John Rivers

The inshore bite has been very good for many species in Tampa Bay, so let’s start with Spanish mackerel. They can be found all over Tampa Bay around the markers and near the flats where there is a lot of bait around.

Next on the menu is Mangrove snapper. The bite has really picked up over the past two weeks and is only going to get better. Chum heavily, use a light leader and you’ll have good results.

Red fishing has been off and on, at least for me over the past few weeks. I know a few areas that are holding them, but getting them to eat is another story. You must catch the tide right and have the right bait, which is either a fresh cut pinfish or fresh dead thread-fin. I put a small split shot weight on the line to hold it in place and stick the rod in the holder. When it starts to bend over and the fish takes off is when I grab it. Don’t and I stress don’t move the bait if the fish hits it and doesn’t take off–he’ll just spit it and you won’t get the bite!

Snook fishing has been great. The fish have started to migrate out on the beaches and passes. There are still many fish that stay in the Bay all Summer so, no worries, you still have your chance to catch a trophy snook in June, because that’s the best time to hook a monster–or at least I think it is. You can catch a monster any time in April, May, June or July, but I just feel that June is a very good month to hook into that monster 40 inch plus snook. It was on my 52nd birthday that I caught my first 40-inch snook. Just remember, they are out of season. If you don’t know the rules and regulations, check out fwc.org or find an FWC rules and regulations magazine at any local tackle shop.,

Trout fishing is also very good both in the Bay and off the beaches. The key is to hit them early in the morning or close to sunset. I like to fish for trout in 3 to 6 feet of water.

Yes, June will start to get hot outside, but don’t let that prevent you from getting out on the water. If you’ve never fished Tampa Bay, my suggestion is to hire a fishing guide for your first couple of trips.

Hope to see you on the water. Tight Lines.

Capt. John Rivers operates Rivers to Bay Fishing Charters out of Tampa Bay and Tarpon Springs. With 18 years guiding experience and over 40 years of fishing knowledge, he can assure you a professional / fun fishing adventure. Single or multi boat trips available. www.r2bfishing.com