Rock the Marina & Lionfish Derby a Success

By Mercedes Coppin, Event Manager 

The Boynton Beach CRA recently hosted Rock the Marina & Lionfish Derby at the Boynton Harbor Marina.

According to the data collected from the Live Gauge devices that were used at the event to track attendance, there were 370 attendees. The 48 divers that participated in the Lionfish Derby removed 535 lionfish from the waterways.

The event partnered with 7 businesses located within the CRA area: Boynton Beach Dive Center, Splashdown Divers, Loggerhead Enterprises, Starfish Water Sports, Underwater Explorers, Driftwood, and Marina Café.

The feedback from participating businesses was positive. Marina Café indicated that their sales were up 80% from the previous Saturday. Boynton Beach Dive Center shared that they had over $4,000 in sales on the day of the event.

To provide additional exposure for local restaurants the event featured a Lionfish dip contest which featured custom dips made by Driftwood, Hurricane Alley, The Fish Depot, and Sweetwater. Driftwood received the most votes followed by The Fish Depot, Sweetwater, and Hurricane Alley.